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Wheel Chair-Karma Champion 100 F22 Orange Black


₹ 7,027.80 ₹ 8,268.00

Wheel Chair-Karma Fighter C-F -24


₹ 5,100.00 ₹ 6,000.00

Wheel Chair-Karma Rainbow 7


₹ 7,027.80 ₹ 8,268.00

Wheel Chair-Karma Rainbow 8

Karma Reclining Commode Wheel Chair-Rainbow 8Bed Type Transforming WheelchairIts Foldable Feature Increases It PortabilityKarma Reclining and commode (Toilet) Wheelchair rainbow 8 is ideally designed ..

₹ 10,659.00 ₹ 12,540.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Commode Wheel Chairs- Rainbow 6

Karma Healthcare Rainbow 6 Commode Wheelchair comes with lot of exciting features for elderly or physically challenged person who want commode in wheelchair. Karma Rainbow 6 has single seat with cente..

₹ 7,866.90 ₹ 8,741.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Commode Wheel Chairs-Rainbow 7

With age and the inevitable onset of ailments, the body has to face various kinds of limitations, especially in matters of mobility. The senior citizen often face debilitating disorders that make them..

₹ 8,085.60 ₹ 8,984.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Commode Wheel Chairs-Rainbow 8

Karma Toilet Wheelchair rainbow 8 is ideally designed for the elders and the patients having limited mobility...

₹ 14,422.50 ₹ 16,025.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Ergonomic Series Ergo Lite

Equipped with Karma’s unique S-Ergo seating system, the compact design helps small attendants.This model is ideal for those who need a simple, lightweight wheelchair for short trips...

₹ 31,467.60 ₹ 34,964.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Ergonomic Series Ergo Lite 2

Improved functions.The Ergo Lite 2 has basic functions of the Ergo Lite but is upgraded with 20" rear-wheel options and detachable footrest...

₹ 32,400.00 ₹ 36,000.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Ergonomic Series S-Ergo 125

Getting on and off the wheelchair can be a major challenge for..

₹ 32,778.90 ₹ 36,421.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Ergonomic Series S-Ergo 305

With features such as quick release wheels standard, flip back height adjustable armrest, and a seat height capable of 18?, 19?, and 20?, the S-305 delivers simple, key adjustability options, and qual..

₹ 34,417.80 ₹ 38,242.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Ergonomic Series-MVP-502

Anti-sliding V-seating system keeps users stable on wheelchair when reclining.Axle-travelling footrest adjusts leg length during tilting and reclining for maximum comfort.Lateral push-bar strengthens ..

₹ 60,312.60 ₹ 67,014.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Ergonomic Series-VIP 515

Foldable to the most convenient size to store and travel.Tilt-in-space design helps reduce the chance of developing pressure ulcer.Removable armrest brings convenience to attendant.Assembly and disass..

₹ 60,312.60 ₹ 67,014.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Power Series KP-10.2

The new "KP-10.2" is a lightweight, compact, maneuverable power chair which now incorporates Karma’s patented ‘S-Ergo’ seating system. It is compact enough for indoor use but powerful enough for outdo..

₹ 143,352.90 ₹ 159,281.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Power Series KP-10.3S

The new "KP-10.3S" is a lightweight, compact, maneuverable power chair which now incorporates Karma’s patented ‘S-Ergo’ seating system. It is compact enough for indoor use but powerful enough for outd..

₹ 115,380.90 ₹ 128,201.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Power Series KP-31T (Blazer)

Karma Power Wheel Chair KP-45.3 TR is your answer to an active outdoor life, be it day or night. This easy to use, maintain and manoeuvre power chair comes with ergonomic comfort and power seating tha..

₹ 312,178.50 ₹ 346,865.00

WHEEL-CHAIR-Karma Power Series KP-80

Imagine the feeling to stand up again. To be able to cook, browse the library or even hug your near and dear ones even when on a wheelchair.This is sheer magic. And KARMA brings to you a standing whee..

₹ 382,419.00 ₹ 424,910.00



₹ 7,027.80 ₹ 8,268.00

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Digital Thermometer Omron MC343F

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Gets relaxation to the Patients..

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